Ashes to ashes

Ashes to ashes


She stood upon a rock above the shore

In trepidation and with trembling knees,

Her soul astir- from desperation sore.

The casket in her hands contained decease.


Her glance was set upon the wavy sea

And there she saw the good and happy years,

Ere age and illness asked their cruel fee.

At last the sorrow blurred her sight with tears.


A breath of wind went softly through her hair,

It gently played with blond and hanging strands.

Too short her happiness, it was not fair,

It ran between the fingers of her hands.


Then finally the ashes flew away,

The last and doleful moment being close

Became a desperately parting fray.

She felt a part of her own life depose.


A seagull’s scream broke in the quiet scene

Was trailing off like laughter from above

On ocean waters seemed to be a sheen

Like last and solemn greetings for her love.

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